Amber alerts allow a user to create timebound alarms – pre-defined or bespoke – to be used in certain situations.

When an Amber Alert is set, the user’s device starts counting down to zero.  If the user does not disable the alert in time, their phone makes a covert call to our 24/7 Emergency Response Centre who will then be able to hear everything that’s going on in “listen-only” mode.

Our operator will then respond to whatever they can hear – in real time.

If they hear a normal conversation it is likely that the user has forgotten to cancel the amber alert and the operator can cancel the call.

If it is unclear, the operator is able to disconnect from the covert call and place a call directly to the user to confirm their status.

If however they hear certain trigger words or obvious signs of distress from the user, the operator goes into incident response mode and can call in all relevant parties such as the employer, support and emergency services as required.