Our unique ICED technology is designed to “freeze” the screen of smartphones and tablets, allowing users to focus on their main task when distraction could prove to be dangerous or detrimental to the person using the device.

When triggered ICED causes the user’s screen to black out and become unresponsive to touch until the user is safely able to use their device.

ICED has been segmented into 3 different applications:

“ICED by Speed” is triggered a when a vehicle travels at over 7 mph.   Trying to text or use social media when driving is staggeringly dangerous so ICED by Speed is aimed squarely as preventing road accidents.  If you want to use your device when you’re a passenger or on public transport it is possible to disable the system using an audited, password protected override.


Health and Safety rules now ban mobile phone usage on construction and engineering sites to prevent accidents in potentially dangerous locations. “ICED By Location” is triggered automatically when a user enters a defined area keeping them focused on their own personal safety.  Once they leave the danger zone their device will automatically de-ice – allowing them to use it as normal.  Zones can now be pretty much any shape to cover off multiple situations like fields, construction sites, motorways and rail tracks.

There is a huge problem with kids falling asleep or underperforming at school due to staying up too late using social media and texting. “ICED by Time” allows parents to set curfews on their children’s phones and tablets to prevent late night, clandestine “under the cover” usage and can be activated ad hoc from the parents phone as the ultimate in remote control.