Keeptrac is a service aimed at parents of children who are taking their first steps toward independence.

Kids want to do their own thing and don’t understand the anxiety that they can create for their parents when they start doing things on their own – something as simple as a child going into town with their friends can cause real stress for their parents.

Keeptrac is aimed at encouraging children to be independent while allowing parents to remain connected – albeit remotely.

Parents can log in remotely to see where their child is and to make sure that they’re safe – all without impinging on the child’s independence – and children can upload any audio, photo or video content they want to share.

As with many other Ubitrac services, Keeptrac includes an emergency button to give the child 24/7 support in the event of an incident.

Recognising that accidents involving young drivers represent the highest proportion of all road accidents and deaths in the UK, Keeptrac also includes ICED – Ubitrac’s unique function that disables the user input functions of a handset (voice, SMS, social media etc) when travelling above 7 miles per hour.

Keeptrac is ultimately all about keeping children safer.