Locuro is aimed squarely at the schools sector and is intended to be used during trips ranging from away matches to overseas adventures.  A designated individual carries a Locuro enabled handset which enables authorised parents to follow the trip – both live and historically

  • Most UK Education Authorities require schools to provide a minimum of 3 trips per year per pupil with one being an overnight stay
  • Local Education Authorities and schools are recognising the many benefits of enabling parents to follow every kind of school trip, short or long, domestic or overseas, on-map, on-line, seeing photographs and ‘blogs’ from teachers and pupils, linked to specific locations
  • With data provided by the client schools, Locuro creates a secure account and log-in, with website access for every parent who has a child on a trip and generates a notification e-mail to them before every trip
  • The same trip data is automatically loaded on each relevant handset, enabling instant one-to-many and one-to-one communication from the handset to parents of pupils on the trip
  • Locuro boosts parent/child engagement and provides peace of mind generated by:
  • the availability of the ERC
  • detailed location information
  • Sharing audio, photos and videos of the event involving your child