There are so many potential applications of our offering it would take too long to cover them all so here are just a few to consider:

1.  Education & Travel Sectors:  Our software is available to educational institutions and businesses that organise trips for groups.  These products are branded as Locuro for the education sector and Traveltrac for holiday companies.

2.  Consumers: We can deliver the various Ubitrac branded products to existing handsets, by SMS-delivered download link.  The consumer space is largely about parents and those who have responsibilities for, and concerns about, others – Keeptrac for teenagers, Gaptrac for gap year students, Unitrac for university students and Silvertrac for the Seniors market.

3.  Business Sector: There is huge demand for the provision of Ubitrac software for productivity improvement and location monitoring as well as the powerful lone worker protection capability of the ERC – fulfilling a company’s Duty of Care under the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2007.  This hugely valuable business tool will be sold as Jobtrac+ which includes Ubitrac’s unique ICED solution.

4.  White label: At the core of Ubitrac  is our white label offering and we’re getting more and more demand from major organisations looking to access our end to end capabilities via a wholesale proposition. We are able to create bespoke solutions by combining different elements of over 65 existing functions along with use of our exclusive ERC as required.

5.  The ERC:  We’ve delivered an incredibly professional Emergency Response Centre which was built with the ever changing needs of digital device users in mind.  The ERC provides proactive intelligence, risk assessment and management services along with hugely professional incident reponse capabilities.