Right from the very outset we recognised that having access to information about our users was only one, very small, part of the jigsaw.

The really important thing was knowing what to do with that information and reacting to it so that we can best serve and support our users.

After much consideration we decided the only way to do this was to build our own, dedicated, Emergency Response Centre (ERC) to give us total control over the level of service we deliver.

Our ERC is active 24/7/365 providing both proactive and reactive cover and is easy to differentiate from lighter-weight alternatives.

Located in Lincolnshire, the ERC enjoys access to local, high-quality, military-trained technical staff – mostly ex-RAF – typically 45+, with experience in the intelligence, air traffic control, logistics and medical arenas.

Developed from the ground up, specifically to cater for the ever-changing needs of the world’s mobile phone users, Ubitrac’s software provides location data to the ERC and overrides ‘withheld caller identities’.

SIM card changes are recognised automatically avoiding the need for users to update Ubitrac.

Individual users have the ability to upload details of key documents to the ERC (passport, insurance details, drivers license, emergency contacts, etc.) so that they are instantly accessible in the event of an incident.

As a bespoke and 100% dedicated resource, our ERC offers Ubitrac a level of agility and adaptability unavailable elsewhere giving us a significant competitive advantage.