As the name suggests, Traveltrac aimed at the travel sector and is intended to be used primarily by Tour Guides to provide a unique memory of holidays

The tour guide carries a Ubitrac-enabled handset and creates a unique, geo-tagged record of each and every trip

Holidaymakers are then able to upload their own photos and messages, to be shared with their own on-line Followers, onto a ‘private’ version of the trail laid by the guide using “RTG” – our unique Retro geo tagging technology

  • Followers can log in to trips via the travel company’s web site, creating a strong client retention tool and providing a large new communication database for their future marketing
  • All the details of the trip and the location-specific photos, video and voice commentary will be stored as a permanent record and can provide a fantastic record for holidaymakers and a powerful marketing tool for the travel company
  • As with many other Ubitrac propositions, the inclusion of full ERC support in Traveltrac creates signficant peace of mind for those on the trip and their friends and family
  • Ubitrac will make advertising space available to the travel company on the Traveltrac Followers web page