We’re pretty confident that our products and services should have huge and immediate appeal to a wide range to people across multiple sectors covering B2B, B2C and Education.

We’ve identified a load of really strong initial applications and we’ve segmented our product offering into a number of specific sectors. We have different routes to market and we sell directly and via third parties depending on the product.

Our products can be sold on their own or used to enhance someone’s core offering or to create new opportunities.

If someone believes they can create enough demand for a specialist product we have the ability to pick and choose features from our extensive list of capabilities and build them something specific to their individual needs.

We believe our products should be interesting to anyone with a duty of care for, or interest in, someone who has access to a smartphone such as:

  • local education authorities, schools, universities, parents, ‘seniors’ and travel companies, all of whom could be much better off if they used our services
  • companies and organisations needing to provide or use tracking, visibility and communication packages for lone worker protection and productivity monitoring purposes
  • the insurance sector who are exposed to financial risk by individuals and organisations who have a duty of care for others